Cute Children's Talks

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[Episode 1]

Blue is 2 years old. She has two big round eyes on her little plump face. Plus a tiny cherry mouth, everybody tells her all the time how pretty she is. One day the phone at home rings. Mommy looks at the number and sees that it's advertisement. She just ignores it and lets it ring. Blue notices that no one is answering the phone. She then picks up the phone. No idea what the other end of the line said, you just hear her talking to the phone matter of factly: I am so beautiful!cool

[Episode 2]

Blue is almost 4 and Red is almost 2 years old. The two sisters are the best playmates. They would spread out all the play things in in the living room and play whatever game that came to their minds. If you are anywhere else in the house but in the living room, you hear them talking and laughing and from time to time screaming about the whereabouts of some misplaced items, like where is certain stuff animal,  a children's book or a certain toy. One afternoon, they are playing quietly for a while. Then, all of a sudden, you hear Red screaming: Hey...where is my belly button?surprise

[Episode 3]

Blue is in first year of high school (9th grade) and Red is in 7th grade (2nd year of middle school). One day, Red has a question about the definition of "uneducated people". She is wondering how much education is the threshold that defines the line between educated and uneducated people. Mom says that she is not sure but guesses that maybe people who never went to high school are considered "uneducated". Red hears that and starts protesting: What! You mean, I am "uneducated"? angry