A parent wrote: "I am shocked by this racial preferences"

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   End of March is a heartbreaking time for many Asian Am families who
have kids applying to college. They foolishly believe that college admission
is based on their children's academic performance, extracurricular
experiences, leadership experience, and (to many) their superman effort
to overcome the handicaps of being first generation immigrants.
   They don't know there are greater forces at work. All the high qualifications
get an instant deep discount because Asian Ams are politically weak, and
few have dared or the know-how to fight for their rights.
   One parent wrote me,
       "My son - a National Merit Finalist, GPA 4.4, SAT-2350, two
       SAT II - 800s, six AP tests with all 5s in Junior year, tennis
       captain, decent extracurricular with 12 yrs piano, 10 yrs
       dancing, president in two clubs, a lot of volunteering, has
       been waitlisted or rejected by all the ivy schools, Stanford,
       Washington University in St Louis, Rice, and Wellesley. I
       am shocked and terrified by this racial preferences."
   Need I say more? -- S.B. Woo
   Do not wait until, you, your children, or your grandchildren become
another sad statistics to wake up to the harsh reality. Fight!
   If you've NOT take 80-20's survey on whether YOU support a "race-neutral
and merit-based college admission policy," take it NOW! We eliminated
more than 3000 duplicate names. As a result, we NEED 1,200 MORE
to make the 50,000 mark which is the equivalent of a
1,000,000 persons mark when project to the scale of the national
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Thank you.
Sincerely yours,
S.B. Woo
President, 80-20 National Asian American Educational Foundation, Inc.
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*By asking "Need I say more?", I am not implying that this student
definitely deserves admission by one or more of the schools. I only mean
that this is another proof for Princeton sociologist Thomas Espenshade's
finding that Asian Ams must out perform whites by 140 points … . I'll
even go so far as admitting that there could be a common weakness among
dome AsAm students which requires that kind of discount in their scholastic
achievement. However, the universities must state its polcy publicly.
If their reasons are valid, the Asian Am. community could possibly mount
a gigantic educational effort to correct that defect so that our nation
and Asian Ams will ultimately benefit from the correction.
Our first tier universities mouth "transparency." Ho 358 wever, they hide
behind secrecy
when it come to giving Asian Ams a level playing-
field in college admission.
Needless to say, I don't applaud those Asian Am. parents who take their
children's going to Ivies as honor badges for themselves and lifetime
meal tickets for their children. But there are such parents in every race.
The above is S. B. Woo's personal view. To comment on the above
statement, please go
Thank you.       S. B. Woo, as an individual.



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