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HAPPINESS. One thing that makes me HAPPY is that I don’t know the definition for happiness. Amazing, isn’t it? Though it kind of makes sense; HAPPINESS is an emotion, it can’t really be defined.

My brother is never HAPPY in the morning. But then again, who is? He wakes up earlier than I do, as he has to attend zero period for high school. And his allergies always start up right after he eats.

“A-AH-ACHOO! ACHOO!” That is my alarm that is half an hour early. Wonderful.

ANGER. A feeling of abhorrence? One thing I hate about dictionaries is that it depends on similes. Just when can you expect the person searching up a word to know what an even more complicated part of speech means? ANGER is always behind the glamour of everyday life. You only find it if you look for it.

My father is a wonderful person. Some days though, he seems to blow up at everything I do. He says that I’m so distant, and that I don’t LOVE anyone anymore. I’ve learned all I have to do is endure. Endure through the lecture, and endure through the consequences, until anger is gone and all that’s left is regret on both sides.

Sometimes though, like in books, ANGER is quiet. That’s when ANGER doesn’t have any RAGE in it. That’s when ANGER becomes DISSAPOINTMENT.

Yes, that is my father’s scariest weapon. I’m lucky though, ANGER doesn’t usually occur during breakfast. Usually.

SCHOOL is an emotion all alone. It includes gossip, inappropriate jokes, stress, drowsiness, epic randomness, and friends.

Gossip is… boring, to say truthfully. “Oh, who’s going out with who?” “Oh, did you know that whoever did this to whoever?” It’s just too cliché to even compare these types of conversations with scenes in books.

Luckily, this doesn’t happen too often at my SCHOOL. Nope, usually it’s just epic randomness and inappropriate jokes that always lead to wondering why they never make us lose our appetite. Yeah. Now you know why teens are so crazy; 'cause their friends made them that way.

Stress should be obvious. Our SCHOOL is generally laid back, so not too much work is given. But when there is homework, well, needless to say, it’s stressful. I still find my hair getting gray sometimes.

Getting drowsy is usually the cause of two things; my mild allergies are affecting me, which is how I can run a mile and still be sleepy after. Or I’m just plain bored and longing for what I wait for everyday…

… There is one more emotion that I’m willing to talk about before this one-way conversation is over. And that is LOVE, which I have mentioned earlier. Of course, there is no proper explanation for LOVE. LOVE can only be experienced.

What do I love? If you were my usual company, I would say, “Isn’t it obvious? My family and you guys! My friends!”

There is only one thing I truly love.

There is a reason why I said that all before. Why I brought up all those emotions. Emotions that are felt in the everyday life; HAPPINESS, ANGER, DISSAPOINTMENT, and SCHOOL.

As I walk home from school, I do the usual: talk with my friends, buy a Popsicle from the ice cream truck.

Then gradually, my small but existent group of friends dissipates, and I’m left by myself, as my house is the farthest.

No matter the consequences, I quickly lose my snail-like walking speed and sprint to my front door. My gasping for breath is ignored.

In my attic, there lies a forbidden treasure, something that my father has forbid since he’s found out about my disorder.

I race up the stairs, three at a time, until I’m standing on the third floor.

The thing is, I've been diagnosed with computer addiction. My father always tells me that I should try my best to rise up against my obsession, but it can’t be helped. At least I've tried. I've built up a whole social life just to please him.

I press the power button.

This is my true life. Everything in this object, stored inside here, all of it is my real emotions, my HAPPINESS, my ANGER, my SCHOOL, and most of all, my LOVE.

Welcome to the Internet, everyone.

For you see, I’m in love with my computer.