Clam Chowder Curse

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[Episode 1]

Don and a group of fellow Chinese coworkers sit at a table at the company's annual Christmas brunch. Among them is a visiting scholar just arrived from China. The brunch has the usual breakfast items like sausages, bacons, eggs, hash brown, pastries to lunch items like pizza, chicken wings, sandwiches, cheese and other stuff. There are also salad with various dressings and several types of soup. Don likes the clam chowder in particular. Understanding that the brunch food might not appeal too well to the Chinese visiting scholar, Don tries to recommend a few food items that might be to the liking of a Chinese stomach. Don tells the Chinese scholar to try the clam chowder that he is having and points to the soup and salad area. The visiting scholar goes to the area Don pointed and comes back with a full bowl. He quietly ate the whole bowl. Afterwards Don asks him how does he like about the clam chowder. He says, he's never had any soup like that, very thick for a soup, a little sour and most strange of all, it's cold. Don immediately decides that something doesn't quite add up. Curiously Don walks with the scholar to where he got his bowl of clam chowder.

Turns out, the Chinese scholar just ate a whole bowl of ranch dressing. devil

[Episode 2]

Don and his family are on their winter holidays vacation. The hotel they are staying offers a full buffet breakfast in the morning. Many hotels use the free continental breakfast as a means to attract tourists, but the qualities vary. This one seems to be at the higher end of the spectrum. The whole family entered the large breakfast room full with expectation and rumblings from the stomach. They look around and see the warm trays of scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon and hash brown, all kinds of bread and pastries with a toaster to warm up, 4 or 5 kinds of cereals in their large dispensable containers, yogurt, milk, tea, coffee, fruits. There is even a waffle maker that you can make fresh waffles. They got a table and everybody starts to get the food they want. Don starts filling his plate with all the good stuff in the room and looks around for anything worths grabbing. He comes back holding a cup and a plate piled with sausages, hash brown and eggs to the table where the family is sitting and announces that they even serve clam chowder. Everybody is busy eating their breakfast. One of the kids finished the first plate and starts out for the second serving. She comes back after a few minutes and asks Don where is the clam chowder. Don points her to the table with some cups already filled, but adds that their clam chowder is different and doesn't really taste that authentic. The girl went and comes back laughing. She tells Don: Daddy, those cups are not clam chowder. They are cups of batter for making waffles...cheeky